Hear about all things search & AI from the industry's brightest minds.

Search and AI helps the world’s most innovative organizations solve their hardest problems, unlock value from data, and connect users to information, insights, and each other. Search, augmented with deep learning, computer vision, NLP,  other AI techniques delivers precise understanding of intent, matching it to highly relevant, contextual results delivered at any scale.

Activate, the Search and AI conference, brings together the brightest minds from the open source search community (Apache Solr, Spark, Open NLP, TensorFlow, etc.) with engineers, data scientists, and strategic technology and business leaders from the world’s most sophisticated organizations.

The Activate 2019 call for speakers will open in early April 2019. If you are involved in an interesting project related to the topics below, we’d like to hear from you.

  • Search: Autoscaling, large-scale data ingestion, performance, streaming expressions, open source contributions, replication and cross-data-center replication, architectural patterns and discussions.
  • AI: Machine Learning, NLP, entity extraction, neural networks, predictive search, text analytics, question answering, classification, knowledge graphs, self-learning search, feedback loops including signals, recommendations, learning to rank, personalization, head/tail analysis, ontology learning, user segmentation modeling, automated query rewriting, etc.
  • Next-Generation Apps: Chatbots, virtual assistants, voice & conversational search, image recognition, ubiquitous search, and other use cases for search and AI.
  • Data Science & Analytics: Search and AI-powered analytical models, data visualizations, predictive analytics & insights, ROI measurement, and 360 views of customers and users.
  • User Experience (UX): Best practices for user engagement, search interface design, interesting examples of type-ahead, did you mean, recommendations, and analytics UX.
  • Digital Commerce: Case studies of customer acquisition, sales, and retention while delivering personalized customer experience (CX ).
  • Digital Workplace: Case studies of connecting employees with information and insights using search and AI.
  • Business Summit: Actionable case studies and executive briefings to leverage search and AI for digital transformation.
  • Solr Development: New features in Solr 8, open source contributions, plugins & ongoing development, Faceting & Streaming analytics, geospatial search, spell checking & autocomplete, highlighting, other interesting search features and how to apply them.
  • Fusion Development: Projects using Lucidworks’ Fusion platform to deliver powerful, intuitive search experiences, enrich data with AI, and connect people with data in beautiful front end applications.

The Activate 2019 call for speakers will open soon!

Activate 2018 speakers for reference:


See you at Activate!

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